Innov + is accelerating its AI dedicated to road safety!

Based on the French site of Paris Saclay, InnovPlus and its teams are developing new algorithms based on neural networks and machine learning, #machinelearning in order to predict road risks and thus secure road users 🚗 🚗 🚗.
A benevolent AI for the driver behind the wheel
Our engineers are building learning mechanisms by processing billion Computer Vision images, making it possible to make our vigilant driving assistance systems ever more predictive and more precise in detecting loss of vigilance by the driver while driving, in particular on vehicles. phases of detection of drowsiness at the wheel.
Innov Plus has been engaged since 2014 in the expertise of the detection of drowsiness and distracted driving and works with vehicle manufacturers and OEMs for the integration of DMS Driver Monitoring Systems technologies.
🤝 | Help, Assist, Alert 🚘 | and predict the moments of drowsiness ⚡ 🌗

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