MiniTOUCANGO: Winner of the 2020 Road Safety Innovation Award.

MiniTOUCANGO Winner of the Road Safety Innovation Award 2020, category « Road safety awareness by employers

Reminder on the French national competition: « The road safety organized for its 4th edition, two competitions of innovation in road safety. The Innovation Award, intended for companies, aims to label innovative products and services that make the road safer. The Innovation Challenge, for its part, rewards the three best student initiatives, in partnership with the Bureau National des Élèves Ingénieurs (BNEI), the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE), the Conférence des Présidents d’Université (CPU) and the Conférence des Ecoles d’Ingénieurs Françaises ( CDEFI). These competitions aim to highlight virtuous road safety initiatives led by entrepreneurs, startups, groups and students, to encourage innovation in this field.

The juries of these two competitions, chaired by Emmanuel Barbe (then interministerial delegate for road safety *) for the Innovation Prize, and by David Julliard (assistant to the delegate) for the Innovation Challenge, and composed of road safety professionals, met in January and February 2020 to select the best innovations from among 68 entries for the Innovation Prize and 47 for the Innovation Challenge.

The MiniTOUCANGO was elected in the category « Road safety awareness by employers ».
MiniTOUCANGO becomes the driver’s companion at the wheel, for a vigilant driving.
MiniTOUCANGO detects early signs of drowsiness and distracted driving and alerts drivers with audible and visual warnings. The intelligent alertness accessory system is currently targeted at businesses. It aims to reduce the road risk related to fatigue, drowsiness but also distracted driving. Predictive audio and visual alerts issued by MiniTOUCANGO accompany and secure the driver in his mobility activities. And the company and its driver have access to anonymous statistics, thanks to the data collected, transmitted and secured by the box, allowing them to evaluate the risks of drowsiness and distraction within the company, and to take measures to reduce this road risk.

The TOUCANGO by Innov + team is proud of this award and would like to thank each of our customers, suppliers, technologies and financial partners.

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