MiniTOUCANGO on its way to secure VINCI AXIANS and SNCF vehicles.

MiniTOUCANGO takes the road! The safety companion

1.25 million people die every year on the roads. So, to fight and reduce the road risk related to drowsiness and distraction, the startup InnovPlus has designed with its technology of facial analysis of the driver integrated with an AI with machine learning, the MiniTOUCANGO as a small road companion in order to secure the employees and the vehicles of fleets.

On the road with AXIANS partners VINCI and SNCF

We are pleased to meet our partner customers AXIANS VINCI ENERGIES and SNCF in order to secure their night maintenance activities and heavy duty vehicles and employees. With MiniTOUCANGO, our customers wish to raise awareness and secure the mobile teams of technicians and salesmen on the risk of drowsiness and distraction and measure the presence of the risk thanks to the MiniTOUCANGO Statistics service.

The employee is no longer really alone when faced with the road risk when he is behind the wheel of his company vehicle. He feels accompanied by the predictive sound and visual alerts proposed by the MiniTOUCANGO box. In the coming weeks, a MiniTOUCANGO App will be proposed to the driver, as an option, to allow him to personally monitor his trips made with MiniTOUCANGO and the statistics related to drowsiness and distraction at the wheel.

Call to Fleet Management Companies

The road risk remains the first cause of mortality in companies. Fatigue and distracted driving concern us all. Today, we are ready to welcome your requests and we will be happy to establish partnerships for responsible and vigilant driving.

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