New Service, The MYTOUCANGO App for Alert Drivers

The first version of MYTOUCANGO App

It is now possible for MiniTOUCANGO customers to learn more about their driving behaviors, including the risk of drowsiness and distracted driving. In compliance with the RGPD, the MYTOUCANGO App is a service that each driver will be able to use or not, in order to pair with his MiniTOUCANGO device, the one of his company vehicle, and to learn from it about his driving alertness, through trip reports that will be proposed consecutively to each trip declared by the driver.

MYTOUCANGO App aims to make the use of the MiniTOUCANGO system fun and efficient by completing the driving assistance provided by the device during the trip, by providing the driver with new and valuable information about his trips and his moments of hypovigilance. This data will be specific to the driver and the employer will not have access to the details of each trip.

In MYTOUCANGO app, information is available to install the MiniTOUCANGO properly, to evaluate the alerts issued by MiniTOUCANGO and therefore propose remarks, and finally tips to stay alert while driving.

It is a BETA version of MYTOUCANGO app that is proposed to our first partners customers including AXIANS VINCI and SNCF. The objective is to help the driver to face the road risk linked to drowsiness and distraction at the wheel.

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